Resourced Services

What We Do

Having the right resources at hand is key for every successful business. Let your business be Resourced.


As a budding entrepreneur you no doubt have got a great product to sell or an innovative service to offer to your consumers.


As an SME owner you have created a business and put in place the necessary systems and procedures to run the business.


As an established business you almost certainly have an internal support infrastructure to deal with the day to day running of the business.


Payroll, bookkeeping, issue invoicing, debtor management & tax filings.

Managing your business’ finances is most likely the most task consuming administrative task most business owners have to do. Accurate bookkeeping and tax compliance are fundamental to the success of your business. Between ever changing legislation and reporting obligations and penalties for late or incorrect filings, no business can afford to made mistakes or to miss a deadline.

Resourced provides the following accounting services:

  • Maintenance of the ledgers.
  • Issuing invoices and chasing debtors.
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation.
  • Registering for taxes and preparing tax filings (VAT, corporation tax, PAYE).
  • Preparing P&L account, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Resourced consultants are qualified accountants and use the most up to date software to maintain your financial records and ensure tax compliance. Accounting records are technical complex documents.

Resourced consultants are always available to help you analyze the financial data and project the effect of any changes to your overheads, your revenue, and your investments on your bottom line.

Project Management.

Implement new legislation, conduct an audit, move premises, start a new business line.

In the life of any business, there comes time when a major project is put in motion. It may be an obligation to comply with a new legal requirement, the need to move to new business premises or a plan to enter a new market. Such large-scale projects affect most aspects of the business. They require a great deal planning and on-going active supervision of their many moving parts from inception to completion.

Resourced project management consultants:

  • Assist you determine the scope of the project.
  • Identify the resources necessary.
  • Draw up a budget.
  • Assess and mitigate the risks.
  • Identify project tasks.
  • Put in place a realistic timeline and mile stones and track progress.
  • Coordinate work.
  • Act as a liaison with any third parties including governmental bodies.
  • Resolve any issues affecting completion of the project.

Your consultant is your project manager so you can stay focused on the day-to-day running of your business. Our team has extensive project management experience from managing a change of business premises to achieving an ISO certification. Our consultants have developed the technical and management skills to help you complete your project on time and within budget.


Preventing and resolving conflicts.

Running a business is not always smooth sailing and as much as we try to avoid it, conflicts sometimes arise. Conflict can impact many areas of your business:

  • You may have a dispute with an employee or between employees.
  • You can have a dispute with a client.
  • You can have a dispute with a supplier.

Disputes are draining psychologically and economically. If these disputes are not resolved, they will continue to negatively impact your business. They can potentially fester into litigation. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method. It promotes resolution of disputes through negotiation rather than conflict and can be applied to almost all situations.

Mediation has many advantages:

  • It allows the parties to the dispute to negotiate a settlement.
  • It creates lasting solutions and allows the parties to move forward positively.
  • It is flexible, dynamic and creative.
  • It provides a framework to work towards a solution.
  • Mediation is less damaging, cheaper and faster than litigation.

The courts encourage the parties to a dispute to try to resolve their differences through mediation

Resourced mediators are trained and accredited by The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. Our mediators are experienced in both work place and commercial mediation. They have facilitated resolution of a large range of disputes and understand your business and the types of solutions that may be best suited to your specific issue. They engage in continuing professional education to ensure that they always bring the best skill set to any mediation process.

HR | Health & Safety.

Recruitment, conducting appraisals, contract management & training.

In any business there comes a time when hiring of staff needs to be considered. The management of both the hiring process and the on-going management of staff requires specific skills as well as time. Employment and Health & Safety legislation and requirements are constantly changing. It is vital as an employer to remain compliant with all legislation and regulations.

Resourced can assist you every step of the way:

  • Analyzing your staffing needs and setting a budget.
  • Drafting of job descriptions and recruitment adverts.
  • Reviewing CVs, conducting interviews, checking references.
  • Drafting employment contracts.
  • Conducting appraisals.
  • Drafting of policies and procedures.
  • Organization and tracking of continued education sessions.
  • Conducting investigations in the context of disciplinary proceedings.
  • Providing guidance in case of conflict with an employee.
  • Resourced also provide a comprehensive payroll service.

Resourced HR consultants have a wealth of experience working in HR departments, managing staff and working for recruiting firms. Like all resourced consultants, they participate in continued professional education programs. Our team has the ideal combination of technical expertise and people skills to handle all your HR needs.

Business Development.

Marketing & branding: preparing marketing materials, market studies & mailings.

The promotion of your business and your products cannot be neglected if your business is to grow. You will need to consider both branding and marketing. We can assist you in the development of your brand including designing your logo and using visuals to attract new clients and to increase loyalty in existing clients.

We can also assist in traditional marketing activities such as events organization and participation, business prospection, mailings and market research. Your business probably already has an internet and social media presence or could benefit from one.

Resourced consultants can design and maintain your website. Our consultants can also help you boost your Facebook or Twitter presence. Our business development consultants are passionate about growing your business. They have experience with both startups and established businesses in many industries.

They are graphic designers, web developers and digital marketing experts. Resourced will help you formulate and implement the best business development strategy for your business.


Helpdesk, advise on products, website maintenance.

In today’s world, most businesses will use computers, printers, mobile phones and software. Purchasing the right equipment is only the first hurdle. Invariably, most of us will wish at one time or another that they had access to reliable assistance to resolve IT related issues. Help is very difficult to find for those issues that are both a huge inconvenience for the user and a very simple task for the IT expert. We can help you chose the equipment and software that is best suited for your business and we can get quotes from various suppliers for you.

We can install your chosen equipment and software. We also offer a full maintenance service for both hardware and software. We offer support by telephone or in person to resolve your IT related issues. As part of our marketing services, we offer a full website design and maintenance service as well as social media related services. Resourced IT consultants can be both your own IT helpdesk and your IT advisors. They are experts in their field and will demystify IT for you. Our consultants are only ever a phone call or email away if you need assistance.


Contract drafting & review, company secretary, independent directors, litigation management.

Every business will negotiate and enter into commercial contracts with its clients, suppliers and service providers. Your business may be involved in disputes or even litigation. Well-conducted negotiations increase your bottom line and carefully drafted documentation protects your business. Regardless of the size and structure of your business, you will have to comply with the Companies Registration Office requirements. Making the correct filings on time is the only way to avoid CRO sanctions including penalties or striking off.

Laws and regulations that affect your business are numerous and complex. Our consultants are here to guide you through out the life of your business. Resourced provides company secretarial services including the incorporation of companies, registration of business names, CRO filings, drafting minutes of meetings. Our consultants can negotiate your commercial contracts and draft documentation to reflect the agreed commercial terms We can help you minimize the risk of litigation and act as liaison with solicitors if need be.

Resourced legal consultants have qualified as solicitors or are experienced in-house counsels or paralegals. Our consultants will explain the issues and your options in plain English. They will ensure that your business is fully compliant with its legal and regulatory obligations. They will draft clear and user friendly commercial documents for your business while protecting your interests.


Telephone service, correspondence, issuing quotes, scheduling

The day-to-day running of a business involves a variety of administrative tasks that require organizational skills and that can take up hours of valuable time. Let the Resourced consultants take care of the logistics and free up hours of your time. Resourced can provide you with a tailored personal assistant service. Our PAs:

  • Answer calls on your business number.
  • Schedule appointments or meetings.
  • Type and format your reports, presentations, letters and quotes.
  • Organize deliveries with your clients and suppliers.
  • File your documents.

The Resourced administration team can take efficiently take care of the administrative side of your business to a high standard and in a timely fashion.

Quality Management.

Achieving ISO certification, external audit.

A strong focus on quality is a key element to running a successful business. Like every aspect of a business quality needs to be managed. Resourced can assist you with day to day quality management, management systems development and ISO 9000 series certification. Certification under the ISO 9000 series is a requirement to bid on an increasing number of large scale projects.

An ISO certification always demonstrates a level of excellence to your clients and will differentiate you from your competitors when trying to win new business.

The Resourced team are here to assist you in putting in place a bespoke quality management system to suit your specific needs and which complies with the ISO 9000 series. Our quality management systems are designed to provide you with with a lean, user friendly and compliant system. The Resourced team is also available to carry out a gap analysis of your existing system and make recommendations for improvement, Resourced consultants will carry out pre-audit assessments to ensure you are best prepared for your external audit whether to obtain your initial certification or in the context of certification renewal.

The Resourced team can assist you in the preparation of the templates and standard documents necessary to manage quality in your business. At Resourced we take the hard work out of Quality so that you can provide an outstanding customer focused product and service to your customer.